LOVE RUNS OUT is a feature film made in Cape Town. Here’s a little taste of it.


JULIE & her bestie from school, JAN share a Kloof street flat and work in a tragically hip little Cape Town restaurant.

When TROY, local fuc boi and perhaps sometimes drug dealer, that they’re both crushing on, needs a place to stay, they rush to offer him their couch.

Against a backdrop of hastily thrown together hipster gigs, cheap drugs and backstabberey, the three of them fall into a picture perfect polyamorous reverie, replete with fairy lights, slo mo flashbacks and sketchy definitions of the word “commitment”.

When Julie’s younger sister, JESSE, runs away to Joburg, Troy unexpectedly offers to go and bring her back - causing the past to rear its ugly head and leaving the three of them to live with the consequences of their semantic slippages.

Director: Roger Young
Producer: Shanna Freedman
Exec Producer: Guto Bussab
Co-Producer: David Horler

DOP: Alfonzo Franke & Guto Bussab
Editor: Carol Howell
Sound Designer: Tim French
Sound Engineer: Brandon Shore
AD: Kieran Mcgregor

Martin Magner (Troy)
Roxanne Prentice (Julie)
David Viviers (Jan)
Sesane Sealy (Jesse)

Colleen Balchin (Joanne)
Jared Ethan Blake (Jared)
Jon Keevy (Stubbs)
Sive Gubangxa (Thandeka)
Heino Retief (Greg)
Michelle du Plessis (Kirsty)
Rowdy Planker (Head Raver)