I think there’s a lack of films being made about the present moment in South Africa. There is a new generation of South African kids that have a very different concept of race and sexuality, and because these boundaries, including sexual ones, don’t exist in their minds, they push and they experiment.

LOVE RUNS OUT is a film about young people making mistakes; a film about the future, in the present, without judgment.

For a new generation, the rainbow nation is ridiculous, and it is issues of the heart that are constant. Love is fleeting, heartbreak is imminent and the only way to believe in the love of your youth is to lie to yourself about it.

I am principally concerned with the way we remember things, how we use this to ease the pain of ageing, of growth. But apart from that, I want to show this country that I live in as it is, now.

I use the idea of HIV to highlight, to speed up the ageing process, to show how we smooth over regret by remembering things gloriously and that we can only live gloriously without the anticipation of regret, but eventually, it has to catch up to us.

This film is my way of arming myself against despair.

Roger Young

(image by Kevin Goss-Ross)